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You're Safer With Us

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Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

Brigade is at the pinnacle of commercial vehicle and mobile plant blind-spot safety. A founder and innovator of sensing and monitoring systems that have helped save lives for over forty years.


Production Planning

We will continue to inform and work
with policy makers and industries to ensure blind-spot mitigation is effective. We will recruit the highest calibre people who are passionate about what we do.We will impart expert knowledge and advice to help
customers with their challenges. We will always seek
to innovate and bring new products to market that
help prevent collisions and save lives. We will strive to
achieve our vision of zero lives lost by constantly
improving the safe operation of commercial vehicles
and mobile plant around the world.


Production Planning

By investing in Brigade's Safety Solutions you can improve worker, earth moving equipement and public safety. Benefits include:

  • Prevent collisions and save lives

  • Eliminate blind spots

  • Real-time views

  • All-round visibility for safer, more efficient operation

  • Reduced accidents with other vehicles and vulnerable road users

  • Reduced vehicle downtime due to accidents

  • Strengthen companies reputation in the community

Brigade Gallery

Camera Monitor Systems

Dash Cam

Mobile Digital Recorder

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detector

Camera Monitor System

Camera Monitor System

Reversing and Warning Alarm

Radar Obstacle Detection

RFID Detection System

360' Vehicle Camera System

Night Vision Vehicle Camera System

Nordic Lights

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