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The SKF brand is synonymous with quality.

Power Transmissions


Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

Heavy loads. Abrasive dust and dirt. Extreme temperatures and more. These conditions make it difficult, even dangerous for mines and other plants to maintain their machinery. Worker injuries and unplanned downtime are a constant risk. Additionally, high cost and stringent regulations are forcing reductions in energy consumption, even as global demand for metal ores and coal is increasing.


Production Planning

Whether the application is linear or rotary or a combination, SKF engineers can work with you at each stage of the asset life cycle to improve machine performance by looking at the entire application. This approach doesn’t just focus on individual components like bearing or seals. It looks at the whole application to see how each component in-teracts with each other.

  • Upon request, SKF technical experts will conduct a survey of belt drives and transmission belt drives, in customer's plan

  • Data/findings analysis

  • Recommendations for improved efficiency optimization and longer operating life

  • Correct tension installation data

  • SKF offers a range of belt pulleys, with plain, taper bush or "QD" configuration. Friction type locking assemblies are also available on request.

  • Belt Pulleys are equipped with taper bushes for quick and accurate installation.

  • Sprockets are available in various hub configurations such as plate, single hub and double hub.

  • With a comprehensive range of metric and imperial bore sizes of taper and QD Bushings available, no additional machining is needed.


SKF offers a wide range of services to help manufacturers achieve their goals. Supporting a proven methodology that we call Asset Efficiency Optimization , SKF solutions can make your assets more productive, producing more without increasing capital spending on new equipment, ultimately increasing your Return on Assets. SKF services and related products can help you in all areas of the asset life cycle - from initial product design to manufacture, from installation and operation to maintenance, rebuilds and improvements. Available globally, SKF services can boost profitability by helping your company achieve smooth, reliable and cost-effective operation.

Power Transmissions