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Condition Monitoring Equipment


Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

The risk of repeated machinery failures frequently leads to look for the causes of this phenomenon. If technologies are part of machines with rotating parts and there are indications to suggest high levels of vibration thenĀ one of the ways of eliminating these risks is to understand the symptoms of vibration. A common method is to
measure vibration using accelerometers in selected points. The measured values provide initial information on the level of vibration and spectral properties. But such an analysis does not necessarily provide a satisfactory answer to the question of what is causing these vibrations and how to reduce or eliminate.


Production Planning

Condition monitoring is the process of determining the condition of machinery while in operation. Successfully using this program enables the repair of problem components prior to failure. Condition monitoring not only helps plant personnel reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure, but also allows them to order parts in advance, schedule manpower, and plan other repairs during the downtime.

  • Integrate all machine condition data into one common program.

  • Share data seamlessly across functional lines.

  • Avoid long learning curves and software platform compatibility issues.

  • Replicate your success at other facilities.


Getting the most from your rotating equipment is about more than just monitoring and planning. It's about gaining new insights by deploying connected technologies that enable delivery of the right services and MRO spares at exactly the right time.

Condition Monitoring Equipment