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Open gear lubrication


Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

Most lubrication system only allow the monitoring of the air pressure to the spray valves and grease pressure in the mainline of the Dual Line lubrication system. Unfortunately, this type of system does not alert the plant operator if one or more of the dual line distributor valves are malfunctioning or blocked. With a large gear set the lack of an adequate boundary lubrication layer could be disastrous leading to excessive wear and flank damage.


Production Planning

Effective and clean lubrication for chains and gears is an issue for many maintenance managers. Lincoln has the answer with three types of systems – brush, precision spray and metered squirt. Chain and gear life is significantly increased, and chain stretch is significantly reduced when lubricated with a Lincoln automatic system.

  • Frequent lubrication to protect them from premature gear wear.

  • Warms the grease to eliminate freeze-ups.

  • Will operate in a wide range of temperatures.

  • Airless spray system is consistent.

  • Less over spray and offers a wider range of spray patterns.

  • Cleanup is reduced.

  • Apply lubricant only to the wear side of the gear.


Lincoln offers the latest technology in chain and gear lubrication. Our unique systems deliver the precise amount of oil required to effectively lubricate all types of chains and gears without contaminating product. Each system is custom designed for the application. Typical chain and gear applications include power and free conveyors, paint lines, ovens – anywhere that a precise amount of oil is required. Lincoln automatic brush-style systems are both an effective and a low-cost solution.

Open Gear Lubrication