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Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

Inadequate/improper lubrication, contamination, overload, and improper handling and installation causes damage and premature bearing failure. These difficulties affect all bearing types. Bearings that are worn or damaged usually exhibit symptoms and need to be investigated. 


Production Planning

The first step in the bearing selection process is to understand and document certain performance factors that can influence the nature of the path you take through the steps of the bearing selection and application analysis process. You should evaluate the operating conditions in as much detail as possible.

  • The required performance

  • The operating conditions and assumptions of them

  • Any other application prerequisites

  • Bearing life

  • Precision of the radial and axial position of the shaft

  • Ability to cope with low or high temperatures or temperature gradients

  • Generated noise and vibration levels

  • The most important operating parameters are load, speed, temperature and lubricant and lubricant cleanliness


When selecting bearings for any purpose, ultimately you want to be certain of achieving the required level of equipment performance, and robustness, at the lowest possible cost.
There are key factors you must consider when putting together the bearing specifications for an application. To help you evaluate these key factors, we provide our recommended selection process, as well as supporting information and examples