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Automated lubrication systems


Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

In many plants, maintenance departments are downsizing, yet there are still the same number of production machines and lubrication points that require manual lubrication. Due to competitive demands, most industries are under increased pressure to be more efficient and improve up-time. Increased regulations that focus on the environment and safety (lock-out and tag-out procedures) require plant maintenance managers and personnel to follow time-consuming tasks.


Production Planning

With our extensive experience in lubrication equipment and systems, we have the unique capability and system solutions to address these important issues. These universal challenges will not go away. Manual lubrication is not consistent with pro-active maintenance strategies and a goal of lowering overall cost.

  • Lower maintenance cost

  • Increased production

  • Improved safety

  • Lower energy cost

  • Environmental improvements


Lincoln manufactures and designs automatic lubrication systems for a wide range of machines and industries. Our Centro-Matic, Quicklub and Modular Lube product lines offer integrated pump packages that include a reservoir, controller and fault monitoring. From food, beverage, paper, metal forming, power generation, automotive and general manufacturing,
Lincoln systems (both grease and oil) are designed to handle the harshest environments, including high heat and corrosive environments. These system packages are for individual machines for any application.

Automated Lubrication Systems

Single-line Lubrication Systems

Dual-line Lubrication Systems

Multi-line Lubrication Systems

Progressive Lubrication Systems

Oil Circulation Lubrication Systems


Single Line Lubrication System
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Dual-line Lubrication System
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Multi-line Lubrication System
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Progressive Lubricaion System
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Oil Circulation Lubrication System
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Progressive Lubrication System
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Centro-Matic Lubrication System
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