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Bearing Pullers


Optimize the Perfect Order Planning

Mounting is one of the critical stages of the bearing’s life cycle. If the bearing is not mounted properly using the correct method and tools, the bearing’s service lifetime will be reduced. Around 16% of all premature bearing failures are a result of poor fitting or using incorrect mounting techniques.


Production Planning

Choosing the right puller for the dismounting job is critical. The puller type, and its maximum withdrawal capacity are crucial for completing any dismounting job safely and easily. SKF offers a complete range of easy-to-use mechanical, hydraulic and hydraulically-assisted bearing pullers for use in many bearing applications.

  • Sturdy design allows dismounting of components even in the tightest application in a safe manner

  • The unique red rings spring-operated opening mechanism allows the EasyPull to be placed behind the component with one movement of the hands

  • Double hexagonal heads allow easier application of withdrawal force

  • Self-centering capability and nose piece help to avoid damage to shaft

  • Efficient use of time due to quick dismounting

  • Available in three sizes with a withdrawal force of 60, 80 or 120 kN (6.7, 9.0 or 13.5 ton US), enabling easy selection

  • Hydraulic force generators available as an accessory for the 80 and 120 kN versions


SKF recommended hydraulic assist maintenance tools. Consisting of a hydraulic nut, fittings and a hydraulic pump, the tools enable bearings to be driven onto the shaft with quick, efficient hydraulic pressure. The steady force of the hydraulic pressure enables the bearing clearance to be measured accurately and set precisely, eliminating the need for hammers, spanners, or bars. With the SKF hydraulic assist tools, the remounting of bearings cuts down on the total downtime lasting half the time of the previous outage.

Bearing Pullers